As of  2017,

We are reserving spots on our list of prospective owners for kittens ready to go home early Spring! Please see kitten page for more information.

Also we have young adults!
Please see kitten page.
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"Emblemystic I Will Be Oliver"

Just a youngster here...

Isn't it wonderful how the right cat just makes a home...

We are a small, in home Ragdoll cattery in central Texas.
Ours is a house full of fur and love...We are breeders of the beloved Ragdoll Cat, the big, wonderfully unique cat that has for decades been carefully bred for health, beauty, and above all that famous loving, personable nature.
We are dedicated to continuing this legacy, by  showing and breeding healthy, delightful, loveable individuals to be your very own...

"Exquisite Ragdoll Companion"!

All of our beautiful breeding cats are, registered, purebred blue eyed, pointed true Ragdoll Cats.
DNA tested ( HCM, PKD) and robustly healthy!

(You will not find 'rare' mink, sepia, solid, teacup, rughugger mixed breed cats in odd colors and patterns here for misleading inflated prices. We breed according to real Ragdoll Standards, so you will only find purebred cats in our program. Ragdolls are a Pointed breed by TICA standard, and therefore must genetically have blue eyes. Do not be misled.)

We have Regional Winning Supreme Grand Champions!

Our Ragdoll Cats are our much loved pets. Our wonderful Pet Ragdoll Kittens all leave us with outstanding health and 5 year genetic guarantees and a solid contract. They are all already spayed or neutered, at least 12 weeks of age, litter trained, vaccinated, microchipped, socialized, and smooched on.

We also have three dogs to help with the kitties(all Wanderbys, ie. rescued when they "wandered by" as puppies), and a big, unreasonably loud cockatoo.

We rescued a small grey striped, feisty fluffball from under a dumpster one spring! Our little" Mystery of Emblemystic" is now the resident mascot and a happy showcat in TICA, just like his Ragdoll playmates, but as a "Household Pet". He thinks the 'Big Cat Party' is great fun! His personality is all Ragdoll... on fast forward! He is a neutered pet, not for breeding. Stray kitties need forever homes, too!

It is very important to us that you find exactly the right match in temperament, energy, and personality!
We can deliver your kitten!  "From our heart to your Home."

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