As of September 2014...  We DO have kittens!.  We are havng trouble with our website.  Please contact us at prrr@emblemystic.com!
Home! . . .
Isn't it wonderful how the right cat just makes a home...
We are a small Ragdoll cattery in Texas.
We are breeders of the beloved Ragdoll Cat, the wonderfully unique cat breed that has for decades been selectively bred for health, beauty, and above all a loving personable nature.
We are dedicated to continuing this legacy, by breeding healthy, delightful, loveable individuals to be your very own
"Exquisite Ragdoll Companion"!
We've been concentrating on showing for a while, but now have a select few Ragdoll kittens available for pet and/or show, as well.
All of our breeding cats are exquisite, registered, purebred Pointed Ragdoll Cats.
We have Supreme Grand Champion lines!
DNA screened ( RD & MC HCM, PKD)
Our Ragdoll Cats are our much loved pets and treated as such. Our wonderful Pet Ragdoll Kittens all leave us altered, litter trained, vaccinated, socialized, and smooched on.
We also have three dogs (all Wanderbys, ie. rescued when they "wandered by" as puppies), and a big, unreasonably loud cockatoo.
We vacuum and take out the trash a lot.
We can deliver your kitten!
From our heart to your "Home".

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