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Boy or Girl?

People often Ragdolls really enjoy company. If you cannot be with them for long periods, they may pine or act out. A companion for your companion may be in order...
Regular, intense daily play times with you and cool toys help your cats stay happy and relaxed. Do not leave them unattended with string or feathers, though, these are hazardous if eaten!

Ragdolls have long plush coats that are relatively easy to care for. However they do need some maintenance. A regular pass with a comb or brush will be needed, especially around the 'armpits' and breeches. Some cats do fine once a week and some more frequently. Each is coat a little different. You will enjoy seeing that luxuriant Ragdoll coat in all its glory!

Ragdolls are famous for their affectionate nature and almost "dog-like" companionableness and play habits. Still, every cat has an individual personality.  While they tend to be pretty mellow cats, it is a myth that Ragdolls don't feel pain or that they will always go completely limp in your arms, or never misbehave.  Also, remember that Ragdolls have a generous amount of fur and can get too hot if in a lap or cradled and many prefer to sit next to you rather than on you.  Your cat will let you know what it's preferences are.
Ragdolls are very large cats and, therefore, some aren't as crazy about heights as other cats (again, they're a little dog-like and dogs don't tend to scale walls...).  However, many Ragdolls are athletic and strong and do enjoy having a safe, comfortable place a few feet off of the ground to occasionally get away from kids, other pets, or just to have a "room with a view".  For this reason, as well as for scratching purposes, a cat tree of some sort is recommended (cat trees also serve to give your Ragdoll a little extra exercise!).
Hands are NOT chew toys! This means you, too, Dad...=) To counter bitey behavior, look at them and firmly say, "No bite." Then, redirect their attention by petting the fur at their temples.  This reinforces that hands are for petting, not chewing. Belly rubs are often invited and enjoyed by Ragdoll cats. However, belly rubs can also trigger an urge to "attack the prey", so watch out for signals that your cat may be about to get this idea about your hand near their belly...
Please! Keep your Ragdoll companions safely indoors at all times!
Cats are obligate carnivores & should get their nutrition from animal sources, not grains and other plants.
They also need lots of water~in their food and available at all times!
Allow your cats access to at least two litter boxes at all times. Better yet, one for each cat plus one. Same formula for scratching posts ;-) Really, a bit of cardboard or sisal at each corner of the room will make your cat very happy! Scratch surfaces that are vertical as well as horizontal are both important. Foil or sticky tape makes furniture no fun to scratch...
Place large foil pans (for steam/chafing) into tall-sided storage bins to keep litter in the pan! Scoop each day for odor elimination, and replace foil pans every couple weeks. Easy, clean and healthy!
Scented litter is STINKY to cats! Fragrant wood litters are irritating to feline noses!
Never amputate, AKA "declaw"~~~
Cats would MUCH rather use a sisal post than furniture! A cat without claws is ill at ease, defenseless, in pain, and mutilated, making even kitty litter painful to use. You do not want this! Declawing is illegal in over 23 countries! Moreover, if a cat cannot mark its scent on its safe places by scratching a post, this can lead to marking in MUCH less pleasant ways! Eliminating outside the litter box is the number one reason cats are surrendered to shelters or kicked to the curb. Let them keep their toes, homes, dignity and peace of mind. Don't declaw!

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