Emblemystic - The Ragdoll Royal Court
We have Altered Kitties who help keep company with our Kings Queens and socialize the Kittens. Would you like to meet them?

Riterags Beholden of Emblemystic
Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat

Our Queen Bee was the first Ragdoll Cat entrusted to me by Deb Parks of Riterags Cattery. It was Deb's belief in me that enabled me to become a Ragdoll breeder! When I picked this darling up at the airport and saw her, I just cried, she was just so exquisitely beautiful! Her first kitten show at exactly four months old, she got a Best Longhair Kitten from Nancy Parkinson! She lives with us as an and she and one of our other queens run the house. She has gotten more and more affectionate with age.  She loves to track all bird, bug and squirrel activity outside her favorite window. She is still absolutely exquisite, truly breathtaking! She is pictured here as a baby. She was my beginning as a breeder and for all her kindness, encouragement and trust, I am, to the most gracious Deb Parks, forever "Beholden".
TICA Grand Champion Alter Emblemystic Intaglio
Blue Mitted Ragdoll Cat
Intaglio is a wonderful boy that we kept from our first litter from Neptune and Serenity.  He is pictured to the left at about four months.  From the beginning, he reminded us so much of his daddy that we began calling him "Little Sprout" and we still do even though he is now the largest cat in our house!  He is just so sweet.  He loves to cuddle and hold my hand between his front paws just like his daddy does and he gives kisses too!  After he'd turned a year old, he was so huge and cuddly and had such gorgeous deep blue eyes that we decided to try showing him.  He became a Grand Champion Alter in one show.  Some judges admired his size, structure, coat, profile, expression,  and ear set, but every one of them talked about his sweet nature!
!He will continue to live with us and
and his daddy have become good buddies.

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